A Dependable Resource 
 A Trusted Partner 
 An Innovative Problem Solver 
 A Responsible Company 

Y DAD AND I started out together in 1970 with       three presses and two employees. We       certainly weren’t the biggest printer in town.       But we knew we didn’t need to be. Like       most fledgling companies, what we lacked in       physical assets we made up for in ingenuity       and determination.

We had an idea of what a printer should be to       its customers. A trusted partner. A       dependable resource. An innovative       problem-solver. All the while being a       responsible leader in the community. These       were the fundamentals on which we began,       and they have treated us well as the years       have gone by.

Today we have a large and diversified client       base. And we have earned a reputation for       being as smart as we are cost-conscious.

Our mission is to put our customer’s visions on       paper. And whenever we can, to enhance       that vision through the latest technologies       and good old fashioned customer service.

We’re proud of where we’ve come from, and       have worked hard to develop our current       range of capabilities. I would like to thank       those customers that have stood by us from       the beginning. And extend a sincere       welcome to those of you just learning our       business.

It has been, and will always be, our pleasure to       serve you.

John Frye
Frye Printing Co. Inc